Just the News

February 20, 2020
Diane McKeon of Diane's Hands completes Advanced training with Innersource to offer classes in Fundamentals of Energy Medicine.


The most relaxing massage I have had in a long time! Diane listened to what I was wanting out of the session and truly made it worth while. I already have my next one booked!

                                            Krista F.

Energy Work
If you live near or visit Virginia Beach then make an appointment. You won’t be sorry. Diane is amazing!!!!

                                  Amy Jean L.

Energy Class
I took one of Diane's energy medicine workshops, and I highly recommend her for services! She is so knowledgeable, and she gave me practical exercises that I could apply to my daily routine in order to live a more peaceful/balanced life. She does an amazing job at connecting with her clients and meeting them where they are at.

                                      Vickie G.

Chakra Clearing

I had two issues that Diane determined were connected. I had shoulder discomfort and breathing issues. Diane performed a pain chasing procedure along a lung Meridian that resolved both. My breathing is now deep and comfortable and my shoulder pain is gone. Also my shoulder and arm are feeling significantly stronger. I am very happy with the results.