Healthy Wave
Gemstone Mat

It wasn’t until I tried the HW Mat that I finally got relief from my persistent pain.

There is no telling what the Gem Stone Mat can help with. I have seen many testimonials like this one that reveal its amazing powers. Clients seem more relaxed after their sessions and at the end of a long day with my clients, I often lie on the mat myself before going home. It eases all of my aches from the day.

“I sleep on the mat at least a couple of hours each night and I have had a substantial increase in energy. I am diabetic, but my sugar levels have decreased substantially and are now almost normal. My wife has gotten relief for stomach aches and lower back pain. My son has found that the mat helps him to be in a better mood.” Dan W.  (Healthy Wave Mat web testimonial)

Plan a session on the mat and find out for yourself. The 45 minute session includes a 15 minute Energy Balancing protocol along with the 30 minute mat session.


 “When I first experienced Voxx socks, I was amazed at how much they immediately improved my EEG brainwave pattern and how much better energy and mental clarity I felt while wearing them. Then I saw similar results on my colleagues. I am now a believer in Voxx.”   W. Lee Cowden, MD (VOXX testimonial)

We are too. When I gave my father a pair of Voxx socks for his neuropathy and shaky balance. I was amazed to see him, without his conscious effort, walk across the kitchen floor without the aid of his canes in his stocking feet (no shoe support) which he has not done in years. When he got to the other side of the kitchen, he too was shocked.

When I wear the HPT patch, I notice a sharper focus as I am interpreting. My brain seems to be sending clearer signals throughout my body.

Young Living

When I was growing up, I lived in a Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson household. We had processed products for everything from detergent, floor cleaner, car cleaning solutions and even furniture polish. Not that it is so different now, but it could be. Could you imagine living in a household without chemical cleaners? Well, today this is more than possible, it is the trend. More and more research is showing how the chemicals in our environment are contributing causes for chronic illness, allergies and cancers.

Young Living is the largest essential oil company in the world. Their “Seed to Seal” quality assurance trademark is surpassed by no other company.  Oils and natural products are available for all your needs. Non-chemical? Thieves cleaning products provide everything you need to clean your house from the ceiling to the floor and even your teeth.


Have you ever wondered if you could live to be 125 years old or older? That is my husband’s life goal. He has thought about this often. He hasn’t lived a rough life, but it hasn’t always been easy. Recent blood work has shown deficiencies in several mineral and cellular levels. Not to worry. Get a stem cell injection and rebuild those cells or organs that are waning in old age. What?? injection therapies are $8 – $12,000 dollars each and they might not even work! Well, we found a solution.

Lifewave has been helping people get well, feel better and be younger since 2004. And, they have a solution for many of our pain, energy, skin, and aging challenges. Rick has been wearing the patches consistently now for 50 days and recent bloodwork has shown significant improvements in several previously deficient markers. Check out the Lifewave products and I am sure you will find one that works for you.