Diane McKeon

I have always been inspired to help people grow and connect with each other. After receiving a degree in Biology and Psychology, I decided this was not my career path. I went back to school to study  American Sign Language and I found my calling. For 25 years, I have been an American Sign Language Interpreter connecting the world of the Deaf to the world of the Hearing.

It was during one of these assignments that I discovered Energy Medicine. At the request of the parties involved with my work, I let my role as Interpreter go for a minute and took part in an Energy exercise. When finished, I had had such an incredible moving of energy that I decided I had to know more. I am now an Advanced Practitioner and Authorized Teacher of Eden Energy Medicine. It is through another Energy Medicine workshop in 2008 that I met my husband. Energy Medicine has changed my life in more ways than I can count.

I help young clients achieve better focus in school, and assist clients with cardiac concerns, cancer, and immune system deficiencies using Eden Energy Medicine. In addition to EEM, I practice Cayce/Reilly Massage, John Barnes Myofascial Release and pre-natal massage. I welcome clients of all ages with a compassionate open heart and am dedicated to supporting each person on their journey to emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Photo of Diane McKeon

I have created classes for fellow sign language interpreters to introduce the benefits of EEM for their specific work challenges. The interpreters’ work is mentally, and physically demanding while maintaining a neutral stance in challenging situations. This class includes the Daily Energy Routine, tracing meridians and other Eden Energy Medicine techniques to enhance the well-being of the interpreter. This class enriches the interpreters’ work and home life while reducing the effects from stress.

Being allowed into the most delicate moments in another’s life as an interpreter for the Deaf has brought a unique sensitivity to my energy practice where my listening ability helps me detect and appreciate subtle shifts in my client’s energies.


I provide a variety of energy healing techniques that can help you look and feel better naturally. Your body can be healthy and vital without the use of drugs, injections, or other potentially harmful substances. I am committed to restoring balance in your body’s energy systems which will sharpen your mind, and increase your health, joy, and vitality.

Where to Find Me

I have a private practice in sunny Virginia Beach, VA. I  work with clients who are local and those who travel some distances. I am located in Wave of Life Chiropractic on Shore Drive, my bonus-daughter’s blossoming practice.

I teach private groups of family and friends all along the East Coast. I would like to work with more organizations who are inspired to come together to learn and share with the Deaf community.

Book a session for yourself, gift your dear ones, or contact me to discuss a private class for your group of 5 or more.

Find your Energy, Balance & Happiness the Natural Way.


What They Say

Energy Work

If you live near or visit Virginia Beach then make an appointment. You won’t be sorry. Diane is amazing!!!!

~ Amy Jean L.

Energy Class

I took one of Diane’s energy medicine workshops, and I highly recommend her for services! She is so knowledgeable, and she gave me practical exercises that I could apply to my daily routine in order to live a more peaceful/balanced life. She does an amazing job at connecting with her clients and meeting them where they are at.

~ Vicki G.

Energy Work

Great experience, I could instantly see and feel the changes she recommended working for me. From more energy all the way to less pain!

~ Miranda


Go now!! It is awesome!! I plan to repeat this experience as often as I can!!

~ Shannon

Pregnancy Massage

Diane was warm and compassionate, attentive to my requests of what areas needed attention and relief. I left feeling relaxed and muscle tension released. Thank you Diane!

~ Pregnancy Massage


Workshop taught in ASL, very accessible. Diane is wonderful as a person & teacher, very Culturally Deaf-Friendly! We, as Deaf attendees, despite the intensity of the workshop, felt right at home w/ the instructor,

~ Student